16th March in Turin, Italy

CloudConf 2017 has ended

It was (again) a great success!

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Lorenzo Fontana

Docker Captain - DevOps Engineer @ Kiratech

Kazunori Sato

Developer Advocate @ Google Platform

Jacopo Romei

Strategy Consultant

Danilo Poccia

Technical Evangelist @ Amazon Web Services

Erica Barone

Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft

Walter Dal Mut

Solution Architect @ Corley Cloud

Delio Trapani

Data Center Director @ Clouditalia

Massimo Brignoli

Principal Solution Architect @ MongoDB

Diogo Mónica

Security Lead @ Docker

Matteo Figus

Senior Software Engineer @ OpenTable

Marco Tranquillin

Cloud Program Manager @ Google

Lorenzo Ridi

Software Engineer @ Noovle

Phil Nash

Developer Evangelist @ Twilio

Enrico Zimuel

Senior Software Engineer @ Zend

Marco Barzaghi

Team Leader Cloud @ Aruba

Glynn Bird

Developer Advocate @ IBM Cloudant

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